April 25, 2019
Over the course of Nawar Hussein’s many years working his magic from within the real estate market in Spain, he has certainly become a formidable player in that market. In fact, he is so highly regarded, many give him considerable credit for re-shaping the entire landscape of real estate investing in the country. Over the years, Nawar Hussein has closed many multi-million-dollar property deals. Nawar also has trademarked his system for successful property investing, which makes him a trusted advisor and an acknowledged expert in Spanish real estate issues. Of course, his international client base trusts Nawar Hussein with their wealth-building and capital investments in places outside of Spain, as well.

One reason for his success has been the extensive network of valuable partners he has built over time; those connections have tended to make clients consider him as something of a visionary. These connections and his wide-ranging sphere of influence have provided him with an enviable level of bargaining power; enough to bring together the best in the real estate business and create unique and special investment opportunities for his clients.
October 17, 2018
After spending years developing his skills, Nawar Hussein decided to start his own company and he founded Riereta Equity Group. Riereta Equity Group is an equity group that specializes in real estate investments. Their main focus of business is primarily in the Barcelona and Girona area. Nawar Hussein works tirelessly for his clients and loves that he is able to work on areas that bring him such joy as the Barcelona and Girona areas do. His work allows him to help people to reach their investment dreams and because of this, he always arrives to work passionate about the clients he work for.